“If I dont take take a break, then I will break.”

A quote that I heard whilst watching Evan Edingers "Home" last night. I'd spent the majority of the previous four days collapsing in a heap of tears of exhaustiom the second I'd walked through the door, spending all of my time at home as a brimming cup of water, barely needing a knock to spill.… Continue reading “If I dont take take a break, then I will break.”


I was in a MARMOZETS music video

So, a few days before I went to Prague in December, MARMOZETS put up a post on Facebook calling for people to be in their new music video. I applied, received an email from them, and the morning after I got back from my holiday I was on a train to south Wimbledon. I was… Continue reading I was in a MARMOZETS music video


Making art makes for great therapy. I want to try and express how important it actually is to keep creating in order to keep myself thriving, making something always gives a sense of accomplishment, a little spike of a happy feeling which I used to find in self destruction. I will always urge anyone to… Continue reading Creativity

Lessons learnt in 2017

In all honesty, I do not recognise myself from this time last year. I talk about it all the time but only because I find it constantly astonishing how much I have changed for the better and how much stronger I have become. More than any other year of my life, 2017 has hurt and… Continue reading Lessons learnt in 2017